Mission statement

To plan and organize activities that preserve & strengthen the Berea,South Carolina community.


Planning and organizing activities to preserve,& strengthen the Berea,South Carolina community.

The Train

The locomotive located at the Swamp Rabbit Station @ Berea is a GE 23 Tonner Diesel Electric Switcher. The engine is a “veteran” of World War II, having begun her service in May, 1942, with the United States Navy. For the last twenty years of her working life, she shuttled ore cars at a copper mine in Arizona.

Through the efforts of David Wilkerson, owner of Motive Power and Equipment Solutions, Inc., the locomotive was saved from the scrap yard and brought to Greenville. After being refurbished and donated to Greenville County, a group of citizens in the Berea community worked to bring the locomotive to the pocket part at the Swamp Rabbit Station on Sulphur Springs Road. There she will enjoy her retirement, listening to the sounds and sights of all those who pass by her each day on the Swamp Rabbit Trail – a well-earned retirement for our “little engine that could.”